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Patricia Guzmán
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Patricia Guzmán
Creado: 18.06.2013 @ 7:18:51 am
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Northern Ireland: The Troubles

At the light of what we saw in class, what Blair explained and what you have learned about "The Troubles in Northern Ireland", analyse the two songs that follow, taking into account time they were written, band or singer ,  and target audience. Reflect on the effect of listening to them nowadays. 

John Lennon's Sunday Bloody Sunday (1972)


U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday (1983)

Conceptos clave: Northern Ireland
Patricia Guzmán
Creado: 10.07.2013 @ 9:51:05 am

Thanks to all the ones who have participated in the forum,it has been very enriching to know your opinions.

Luciana Irazú
Creado: 09.07.2013 @ 1:09:48 pm
Sunday Bloody Sunday

The two songs are about when British paratroopers killed thirteen Irish citizens at a civil rights protest in Derry. The main difference I see between them is that John Lennon takes a political part while bono takes a humanistic one. Bono claims for peace, Lennon for fight for your rights and beliefs. Bono wants to join people saying "Tonight we can be as one" and it seems that Lennon wants to split the English and the Irish. He says: "Keep Ireland for the Irish/ Put the English back to sea". Although, I think that we must pay attention to the things they agree. They are both against war and killing innocent people. They are against any bloody Sunday. They sing: "I can't believe the news today/Oh, I can't close my eyes/And make it go away/How long must we sing this song?" (Bono) and "Well, it was sunday bloody sunday/When they shot the people there/The cries of thirteen martyrs/Filled the free Derry air" (Lennon). Since my point of view, taking into account the time in which the songs were written, Bono's one is the continuation to Lennon's one, and may be that's why he sings "How long must we sing this song?".-

Patricia Guzmán
Creado: 03.07.2013 @ 12:03:51 pm

Thanks everyone for  the comments. They are good and they make important contributions. However some of you must check language before posting, please!!! Similarly, you should check ideas and events in the material you must read for this assignment!!! All in all, the forum is running well and we are still waiting for more contributions...Cool

Maria Alejandra Pereyra
Creado: 02.07.2013 @ 11:46:40 pm
Sunday bloody sundayLennon Or U2 )



The different ways of conveying messages are very well exposed through both songs. The first time I saw the videos I felt opposite feelings because if we get involved with the cruel context of the troubles in Ireland we can understand that john Lennon’s version is inciting the violence, rummaging in the past with ideologies .Instead of the u2´s version is yelling for peace, asking for awareness and respect for life. 
I also agree with my classmates about violence , the message is not clear when we see violent people or violent lyrics asking for peace .

Florencia Gimenez
Creado: 01.07.2013 @ 1:09:28 pm
Great Songs!

I believe that both songs are great,I liked most Lennon's version,it surprised me that a british person write something against his country. And I liked it most becouse I agree with his point of view about Northern Ireland troubles,in my personal opinion neither England, nor any other country of the world has the right to invade another  just becouse they want to,without even having respect for the people who live there.It's a shame that continues to happen,but well,it's the reality of the world.

Romina Puente
Creado: 29.06.2013 @ 9:15:08 pm
Northern Ireland:The troubles

  I agree with most of you in that both songs deal with the same topic “Sunday bloody Sunday”, but from different points of view. On the one hand, Lennon’s version was written in 1972, the same year in which that violent conflict arose. Writing the song was a way to show his political position (although he was an English man) and his feelings, and also to describe how innocent people were killed. 

  On the other hand, U2’s version was written 11 years after that tragic Sunday, in 1983. As the leader of the band is Irish, he knows perfectly well how civil right Protestants suffered the repression. Through the song, he expresses that he is against violence and claims for peace and unity.

  Both songs and what Blair has explained to us, show clearly that people behaved, and behave, in an aggressive and cruel way just because they do not agree with someone else’s position or belief.  

daiana mora
Creado: 28.06.2013 @ 10:45:25 pm


I was reflecting about this important topic, and through  both videos I understood that each one emphases the same theme: violence in different tones or ways...


 First,I think that the song by Lennon wich was written the same afternoon of that sad sunday day in 1972, it was a real pratest in support of the victims and familiers of the conflict.

Lennon, who was of irish descent, demostrated by this song his identity, convictions, feellings,because apart of that, he had involved in irish politics, activist protesting and movements, mass and non violence demonstrations ....So, he had strongest convictions as my classmates said.


In the other hand, the same song by Bono, who is german, but he understand the importance of that landscape conflict. So,his messege  is anti violence without politics ideas, only with the purpose of connect every ear, mind, hearts through this song and he desn{t take care who are (catholics, protestants, etc), everyone has to reflect and conclude with the bad, vicious  and sad cycle of incidents ...


 By the irony , this song pretend remember that day and be concious of that trouble!!!


Ana Batiz
Creado: 28.06.2013 @ 9:32:19 pm
A journey through time


Wow! I was really shocked by the songs! I agree with Ana Laura that both songs show a different perspective on the same event. Even though I liked U2´s version most, both songs made me feel thoughtful and reflective when I heard them. Thinking about how innocent people were killed, made me put on those people´s shoes and to start an imaginary trip to that time. One more time I realize how important is to go beyond the things that surround us, for example these two songs, that after attending Blair´s class and this activity I became conscious of their real sense. 

Gabriela Tacconi
Creado: 28.06.2013 @ 8:40:23 pm
Sunday bloody Sunday

Blair’s explanation about this conflict helped me to understand it in a clearer way; and by watching these two videos, I have figured out how Irish people must have suffered and what they felt about that. U2 and John Lennon both state their point of view in their version of “Sunday blood Sunday”. In U2’s version it is clear their message against violence. They ask: How long? A question that vividly recreates that everyone is sick of so much violence. Although this trouble is between two sides, the only side that U2 is taking with this song is that of peace. They beg to both sides to leave past behind and stop the fight. As Bono was born and raised in Ireland, he is able to understand what living in Ireland at that time was like. In contrast to this song, in his version, John Lennon makes use of strong words to express his opinion about this conflict. Lennon was an Englishman with Irish roots, but he clearly shows his side when he says “keep Ireland for the Irish. Put the English back to sea!” However, I don’t think he should have been so harsh with his words. I don’t agree with Juan Franco when he says that “…that’s the way to make people aware of the acts of injustice made by a country…” There are other ways to say the same without using such bitter words. However, I strongly agree with Martina and Ana Laura as they say that one shouldn’t use violence to ask for peace. That’s rather an ironic way of thinking.

Juan Franco Casadidio
Creado: 28.06.2013 @ 1:12:07 pm
That Gatsby movie.

Oh my god... The Great Gatsby was such a sad movie. Great cast, great story, marvelous reproduction of the United States in the twenties, I recommend the 2013 version, I  just finished the movie moments ago... and wow, just wow.




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